Monday, 7 March 2011

Routes are a pain

I went out on Saturday with a preprogrammed course and GOT HORRIBLY LOST! In a good way, but not.

The problem, it seems, is that gmaptogpx draws too straight a line between points. This can be seen by

  1. Draw a route on Google Maps
  2. Create a GPX using GMapToGPX
  3. Upload the GPX to maptogps
It can be seen here that the route is "off"....

 To fix this

  1. Draw a route in Google Maps
  2. Create a GPX using gpsvisualizer (copying the URL of the google maps from the "link" window into the box
  3. Remember to select "Add DEM Elevation Data"
The equvalent map now looks like this: 

This is a much better fit.

Now use gpsies to convert to a .crs and import to the Garmin.

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